Dartington Crystal, Linden Close, Torrington , EX38 7AN

Group Bookings

Contact us for details of our service and price offers for group visits.

Group Booking Benefits

  • Special group admission rates
  • Dedicated member of staff to plan your groups perfect day
  • Meet & Greet service on request
  • FREE on-site parking
  • Group Menu’s
  • Shoppers Discounts
  • Coach Driver Reward Scheme and meal vouchers

Educational Visits

Dartington Crystal is an excellent educational venue where you can discover the history of glass making through the ages as well as learning the unique Dartington crystal story. Many visiting schools find that their day integrates well with their syllabus requirements and offers a stimulating opportunity for learning outside the classroom. Speak to one of our Visitor Centre team to discuss the option of a guided visit or one of our workshop activities.

To book a visit or discuss your group needs please contact us on 01805 626242 or tours@dartington.co.uk