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Factory Experience

The factory experience invites you into our process of turning glass into handcrafted luxury items and the opportunity to watch the skilled craftsmen and women bring our designs to life. 

The blowing room, also known as “the hot end”, is the heart of the factory and is where our glass and homeware items begin to take shape.

White hot molten 24% lead crystal is gathered on a blowing pipe (known as an iron) before it is mouth-blown, and hand crafted into shape.

Only basic tools are used to produce the correct form and dimensions, plus a large element of physical effort, skill, precision and judgement. 

Watch years of experience come into play as our staff work on the factory floor below you.

From the blowing room you move into the finishing area where the formation process is completed.

Each piece of glass is individually inspected to ensure only the pieces which meet Dartington’s quality control standards are allowed through.

Any rejected items are recycled for re-melting or placed into seconds.  

Once finished and carefully inspected only the finest quality are allowed to carry the official Dartington stamp of quality.

After inspection, all items are washed and dried by hand and carefully packaged, ready to be enjoyed.

As you move through our tour you will be informed about the history of Dartington Crystal from its formation to present day.

Our spectacular glass shop is the finishing point of your experience where you can get great savings on crystal and glass.